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FREE G1 Practice Test: Road Signs (100 Questions) 2019

Take this FREE 100-question G1 practice test with only questions about road signs. Instant feedback, hints and super easy interface. There are 100 multiple choice questions with four answers, each question is based on the official Ontario Driver’s Manual. Your correct answers are marked green and wrong ones will be displayed as red in the left-hand grid -- an easy way to track your progress. The Ontario G1 license exam is divided into two sections: road signs, and rules of the road. To pass the test you’ll need to answer 16 questions in each section correctly. Your test will cost $158.25, which includes your future G2 drive test, and will be multiple-choice based on the information provided in the 2019 Driver’s Handbook. If you fail your written exam, there is an additional $15.75 fee to retake the test. The road signs portion of the exam will focus on road signage you’ll see while driving that direct the flow of traffic, provide information, or caution drivers about upcoming situations, as well as situations involving traffic lights, blinker usage, and lane demarcations. Use this practice test as a study aid to prepare for half of your upcoming G1 exam.

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